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In 1985 I took part in expedition on board of R/V "Akademik Shirshov" to study ozone's depletion near Antarctica. The plan of the expedition was changed because of vessel "Mikhail Somov" was jamed in the ice near one of the harshest places in Antarctica- Marie Byrd Land, where also was recorded surface wind up to 200 mph. Science workers of the research station "Russkaya" was stranded with no fresh supplies, fuel or change of staff.
It was the begining of the winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Our ship and crew took on the hard responsibility of rescue and resupply to research stations "Russkaya" and "Leningradskaya". We were successful with four trips through "roaring" 40-50 latitudes, went deep into Antarctic as far as 71 degree south latitude. The ship was taxed with over population, supplies and the ever present danger of Icebergs.We had to be very cautios of our meteorological rockets. The ship was like gunpowder cask and if she were to hit any Icebergs it would have been a catastrophe. Because of the experience of our Captain V. Ivanov, ships crew and engineers we all had a successful rescue.

We also had some time out of duty, so we could enjoy company of Adeli penguins, watched beautiful Aurora Australis and ..... learned to knit a sweaters.

This pattern as actually part of the
sweater I made in this expedition.

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