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Welcome to Baley-town of my youth.

Baley is located in the Chita Region of Russia. It lies 280 kilometers to the southeast of China, approximately 200 km. north of the Chinese border. The elevation of the town of Baley is 600 meters. The continental climate is arid with very little snowfall during the winter months. The temperature is vary from 30 degrees Celsius (86 F) in the summer to -35 degrees Celsius (-31 F) in the winter. The Chita region of Siberia is very different.It varies from rolling hills and forests, to soaring alpine ranges. The distance from Moscow to Baley by rail is 6300 km.(3932 ml.)It is +9 hours in time zones east of Greenwich and +6 hours east of Moscow. This part of Siberia was the home of Genghis Khan and historians believe that he was born in the Baley District. It was first explored by European Russians in the early to mid 17th century.

Excerpts from the diaries of PETA SEMMENS. Peta and Bob Lloyd are the first and currently the only westerners to live in Baley.

....Coming from Western Australia ("The Wildflower State of Australia") I thought I knew all about wildflowers of all different colours and varieties. Yellow, purple, pink and, most spectacular of all, bright vibrant blues. Delphiniums growing in the wild. I just couldn't believe it. I have spent hours planting these in my mother's garden and tending them with gentle loving care. It just seemed impossible that they could stay alive buried below in the permafrost for six months of the year to emerge and put on such a brilliant display.....

......the beauty of the countryside and the hospitality of the Zabaikalian people. The word Siberia conjures visions of salt mines, ice and snow; not to mention stunning wildflowers, bright blue sunny skies, temperatures around +30 degrees Celsius and swimming in beautiful lakes surrounded by silver birch and larch trees.....

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