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Letters "R" and "V" in my life.

During these expeditions I visited Greece, Yemen, China, Jamaica, the Philippines, Singapore, Cuba, New Zealand, Mexico, the United States, Panama, Mauritius, Canada, Vietnam, Seychelles.
This was an excellent job, I worked and met with wonderful, interesting people. We had very fascinating and sometimes even dangerous expeditions to study the hydrological characteristics of the ocean, general circulation in the ocean basins, air-sea interaction, typhoons and hurricanes, monsoon and the ozone distribution in the Antarctic.
In 1991 due to the collapse of the former Soviet Union the financial standing of research institutes substantially worsened and the reduction of scientific expeditions began. The scientific community supported all the changes in the former Soviet Union and Russia but we never expected such devastation for the educational and science programs. Many people went to the business sphere, just making money for existence. I couldn't accept it. I was trying again to find myself. I am still going through this process.
In the autumn of 1991 I participated in a cultural, historical and business expedition entitled "Russian-America 250 Years". Our expedition took us from Vladivostok and Kamchatka to three ports of Alaska: Sitka, Cordova, Seward then on to Seattle, San Francisco and then returning to Vladivostok.
Next year I joined expedition of the three wooden boats: "Saint Peter", "Saint Paul", and "Saint Gabriel", smaller versions of Bering and Chirikov's 1741-1743 expedition in the exploration of Alaska.There was shipwreck of "Saint Gabriel" near southern part of Mexico during Hurricane Kalvin in summer 1993. I helped to save the other boats but my boat was crashed owing to nonsense act by the leader of this expedition.
I lost all addresses of my friends in California and Mexico, all my pictures and films, my personal things.It was the last thing I expected at that time......

Some steps in my life are related to
two English letters: R and V

Now I hope for my future.

From R/V(Research Vessel), R.V.(Recreation Vehicle)
to the R.L.V.(Reusable Launch Vehicle)

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