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Princess Diana Memorial Mother Teresa Memorial

1147 Moscow founded by Yuriy Dolgorukiy
1237 Batu Khan captures Moscow
1303 Yuriy Danilovich Prince of Moscow
1325-1340 Reign of Ivan I
1325 Metropolitan moves from Vladimir to Moscow
1331 Great fire destroys Moscow
1382 Mongols burn Moscow to the ground
1460-1505 Ivan the Great
1475 Building of Kremlin Walls
1480 End of Tatar-Mongolian Yoke
1492 Moscow declared new Constantinople
1547 Ivan IV, The Terrible crowned Tsar
1571 Tatars burn Moscow
1584 Ivan IV the Terrible dies
1584 Boris Godunov rules for Tsar Fyodor
1598-1606 Time of Troubles, "False" Tsar Dmitriy
1613 Mikhail Romanov elected Tsar
1652-1667 Patriarch Nikon
1670 Stenka Razin peasant revolt
1677-1682 Tsar Fyodor
1682-1689 Regency of Sofiya
1689-1725 Peter The Great
1700 Adoption of Julian Calendar
1712 Capital moved to St. Petersburg
1725-1727 Reign of Catherine I
1727-1730 Reign of Peter II
1730-1740 Reign of Anna Ioannovna
1737 Great fire destroys much of Moscow
1740-1741 Reign of Ivan VI
1755 Lomonosov University Found
1761-1762 Reign of Peter III
1773-75 Pugachev Serf Rebellion
1762-1796 Reign of Catherine the Great
1796-1801 Reign of Paul I
1801-1825 Reign of Alexander I
1812 Napoleon defeated near Moscow
1823 Bolshoy Theater opens
1825 Decembrist's Uprising
1825-1855 Reign of Nicholas I
1820-1860 Pushkin, Doestoevsky, Tolstoy
1855-1881 Reign of Alexander II
1881-1894 Reign of Alexander III
1894-1917 Reign of Nicholas II
1917 February Rev., Nicholas abdicates
1917 October Bolsheviks seize power
1918 Capital moved back to Moscow
1937 Moskva-Volga Canal opened
Moscow Metro opened
1941 German army defeated near Moscow
1953 Stalin dies
1961 Gagarin, worlds first cosmonaut
1986-91 Gorbachevs Perestroyka
1992 Soviets system dissolves


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